David E. Jones Consulting


I help organizations build custom ERP, CRM, and eCommerce systems based on open source software. More generally I help customize and build software to coordinate among people and systems, automate operations, and manage information. I have significant experience gathering business requirements and designing, building, and deploying applications that meet those requirements.

I am a founder of, and significant contributor to, open source projects including Apache OFBiz, Moqui Framework, and Mantle Business Artifacts. Since starting OFBiz in 2001 I have worked on over one hundred custom systems and commercial products based on these open source projects.

Organizations I have consulted for include British Telecom, United Airlines, TomTom, Northrup Grumman, 1800flowers.com, Vudu, Ulta, bebe, CAbi, O.C. Tanner, Conductiv, Plastic Jungle, and Masterfile. I have collaborated with many services firms including Tech Mahindra, PwC, GlobalLogic, Tata Consultancy Services, Prosodie - Capgemini, and Hotwax Systems.

Based on this experience I provide management, training, advisory, and hands-on consulting for all phases of custom software projects based on Moqui Ecosystem. I also help with agile analysis and design efforts using the HEMP approach. I work as an independent consultant for end-user organizations, service providers, and commercial software companies.

Contact me for a free one hour conversation about what you are doing and what you need. I will consult with you and offer recommendations for software, overall project and process, people to get involved, and even general recommendations for specific business and system needs. If applicable I will offer specific services or recommend other service providers. My objective for this conversation is for you to have a short list of clear next steps from wherever you are toward effective use Moqui/Mantle, OFBiz, and HEMP.

  1. - Enterprise Software Management Consultant

  2. - Process Storyteller

  3. - Founder and Moderator, Moqui Framework and Mantle Universal Business Artifacts

  4. - Founder and PMC Member, Apache OFBiz

Moqui Ecosystem
Apache OFBiz

Specializing in:

  1. -management consulting

  2. -requirements gathering

  3. -application design

  4. -training and support for analysts, developers, expert users, and production staff

  5. -open source and ERP strategy

  6. -specialized implementation

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