David E. Jones Consulting


You have a vision for how your organization will run.

You have the dream of automation that fits your vision.

Maybe you’re just planting the seed to grow that dream.

Maybe the dream is planted and already growing well.

Or maybe the dream is growing slowly or doesn’t support your vision very well.

With over ten years of experience highlighted by dozens of successes and strengthened by survival of many failures I can help you quickly grow your dream and tame it to fit your vision.

As a creator and moderator of the largest and most successful community-driven open source enterprise software projects I have experience with the tools and connections with the people that you need to give your dream a chance.

  1. - Enterprise Software Management Consultant

  2. - Process Storyteller

  3. - Founder and PMC Member, Apache OFBiz

  4. - Founder and Moderator, Moqui Framework and Mantle Universal Business Artifacts

Specializing in:

  1. -management consulting

  2. -requirements gathering

  3. -application design

  4. -training and support for analysts, developers, expert users, and production staff

  5. -open source and ERP strategy

  6. -specialized implementation

Save the Earth!

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