An agile approach to analysis and design

(Holistic Enterprise Mechanization Process)


There are excellent open source code bases available for every sort of application infrastructure and even ready to use enterprise automation components. These commodity software elements give developers more flexibility and efficiency than has ever been possible before. Organizational objectives can be automated with so much ease that efforts more and more tend to succeed or fail in spectacular ways. Most projects succeed or fail before development begins, or because of factors that have little to do with development, even though they are usually not recognized until late in the development process where the rubber really hits the road. With so much power and so much variability some understanding of good analysis, design and development practices and common missteps is invaluable.

HEMP is an agile approach to business analysis and system design for end users, project managers, business analysts, application designers, software architects, application developers, and quality assurance professionals.

HEMP complements agile software development methodologies with an equally agile approach for gathering and documenting business requirements and producing system designs to drive application development that will meet the needs of end-user organizations.

The practices and artifacts in HEMP are applicable for building new systems as well as customizing existing ones. HEMP is agnostic to programming languages and application frameworks so can be applied regardless of technology preference.

This book includes case studies and numerous examples to help you understand the context of recommendations and how to apply them.

The book is available in print and will soon be available on Amazon Kindle. You can buy the book and download the sample chapters and cover (including the HEMP diagram) here:

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